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Community Schools

Pillars of Community Schools in BCCS

In BCCS there are four pillars of Community Schools, including:


Active Family and Community Engagement 

  • We work to listen, relate, advocate and affirm, understanding that our role is to be a catalyst for student growth and unity. 


Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities 

  • We strive to help support life-long learning and access to tools to create a thriving community both inside and outside of the classroom.


Integrated Student Supports 

  • Through the support of community partners and programming, we offer a range of services and supports to address academic and nonacademic barriers to students’ education, wellness, and success. Brooklyn Center’s Health Resource Center, located on site, offers free and low-cost medical, dental, vision, and mental health services to the youth of Brooklyn Center Schools and community ages 0-19. 


Collaborative Leadership and Practice 

  • We live by a shared vision and practiced shared responsibility to meet the needs of our students and families. With every breath in our bodies, every ounce of influence we possess, and through every challenge, we stand front and center with the young people we love and serve.


ECA Full Service Community Schools Leadership Team

About Community Schools

In 2009, Brooklyn Center Community Schools became the first Full-Service Community Schools District in the state of Minnesota. We work with families and the community to help ensure all of our scholars are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for an ever-changing world. With over 100 partnerships with community organizations, we’re able to better serve the whole child — eliminating barriers to learning so that each child can freely pursue their potential.

What is a Community School?

  • A set of school and community partnerships

  • A community hub

  • Is open most of the time

  • Serves the “whole” child

  • Integrated co-located, coordinated & comprehensive services

  • Provides access to health & family resources

  • Offers educational and support services to families and community members

  • For more information on Brooklyn Center Community Schools, please contact Renee Starr at 763-561-2120 x2124 or visit the Coalition of Community Schools’ website at